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Jorge Garcia Life/Career Coach

Specializing in teaching clients how to succeed in their education and career goals.

(210) 602-5907

* Interview Skills
* Resume 
* Identifying Strengths
* Career Transition
* Career Advancement
                                 * Leadership Development
                                 * Job Search
                                 * Career Search
                                 * College and Career Preparedness (Students)


As a Life Coach I help young adults become positive achievers and discover their purpose in life. My clients figure out where they are going and the motivation needed to achieve their life goals and dreams. "How are they doing it?" Life Coaching.

It takes a partnership to learn new ways to achieve and reprogram habits learned through past experiences. Through empowering coaching sessions, you will find  your career and achieve your life purpose.


Young career adults as well as students work on creative step-by-step plans to remove obstacles, accomplish goals, and discover their passion. Everything is inside ready to be discovered and brought out of each one of us. 

Parents, do you want to speed up your young adults journey to achieving their potential? Sign them up for a coaching session and see them grow.

Coaching is available in person or by phone.
Call today for your free phone consultation.

Phone: 210-602-5907

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