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About Me
I'm Jorge and I have been sharing positive personal growth and life design strategies for over 15 years. My passion is in learning about and helping people find the joy and success they dream of.  
I have lead groups of individuals in a variety of business and educational settings. As an individual trainer to employees, clients, business partners and students, I have experienced the joy of helping others succeed and become more positive individuals. I hold a Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling, M.A. and Specialize in Young adults needing help with positive change.
Through Life Coaching I have found my purpose is in helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams while overcoming challenges in life. I am committed to discovering and helping my clients create their best life. 

Most days I can be found enjoying my favorite Starbucks, juice bar, running, health food, music, or books on positive personal development and success.


I welcome you to discover your passion, accomplish your goals and experience the joy you are meant to have in life.

"Everyone, this is the guy to listen to!!! He can motivate anybody to do anything positive!!!" Elizabeth F. - TX
"I started working with a coach because I had recently received a promotion and had some other life challenges I was dealing with. Jorge helped me see the positive lessons in my times of growth, and gave me easy to apply success tips. I'm definitely in a better place because of the coaching I received." Angela M. - FL
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San Antonio, TX
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